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You need a Dutch dictionary for those wacky words..

Strange Dutch words are abundant, so here is a short guide to help you survive a trip to the Netherlands:

It is always difficult to learn a new language, and they say the best way to learn is by submerging yourself.  I took note of a few words that many get confused when living in the Netherlands.

Sinsasappelsap is Orange Juice but Sinas is considered Orange soda when ordering in a restaurant.

Pinda is peanut, while the word kaas is cheese, but the word Pindakaas is not peanut cheese but rather peanut butter!

Paprika is…well not paprika…but pepper, a bell pepper to be exact.

Aardappel is literally translated to earth-apple  but this word really means potatopotatoes-503851_640 (this one kind of makes sense)

Limoen is not lemon but lime while Citroen is actually lemon

The word panties actually means tights while onderbroek is the official word for underpants.

Better not sit on the bench, there may be a dog inside…thats because bench means kennel

When someone asks about your kind, they are not asking if your nice, they are asking about your kid or child.

And is someone asks if you’re a burger, don’t get offended, they don’t want to know if you’re a beef patty, they want to know if you’re a citizen.

Be careful, if you say you got wet, you have just said you got the law! nat is wet and wet is law

and of course there is always the reversed word…koekenpan which is a frying pan vs. pannekoek which means pancake…talk about confusing!pancakes-687832_640

I wrote this one day after I had returned from my Dutch class and my head was spinning with all these wacky words I had learned.  I won’t go into too much detail but I will say that the longest one is actually a string of words…meervoudigepersoonlijkheidsstoornissen and the definition can be found here

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